About Us

Our company is designed to incorporate many services in one point of contact in servicing your business, premises or project. We are 24 hour servicing, dedicated local client management on call at all times allowing for our service to be provided with a management structure alongside it. Allowing you to focus on your business and allow us to focus on the background work with full care and a mutual goal in mind.

Squeeky Group is relationship focused hence the successful trading & systems in place for over a decade. On-ground staffing occupy over 20 years combined experience in each industry we are entrusted with. Communication is key in our industry and we have systems in place that best enhances this, we look forward to servicing your needs with confidence.

Our Promise

"All Squeeky Group staff & personnel are qualified, experienced, licensed, highly trained and equipped with everything needed to get the job done right, on time the first time. We invest in our people to best guarantee the legacy of our company director lives on. Relationships & communication is the core to our business."

- Simon (Managing Director),

Our Competitive Advantage


Squeeky guarantees to be the most VALUE for money service rather than just the cheapest. We cover all basis in the industry allowing for great priced service packages.




Squeeky currently successfully services many premises in most industries covering all basis. 90% of the Squeeky team are employees rather than sub-contractors allowing for the assurance of onsite on time, every time.


Quality & Service

Squeeky guarantees the utmost best possible service and is assured by the quality weekly documented inspections. Squeeky team members are fully trained, educated and qualified professionals that start the job with the goal in mind – client satisfaction.



Squeeky staff have over 30 years combined experience in the industry, we apply our skills and knowledge to every job combining our dedication to the best service possible. We have a black and white approach to cleaning, it's either clean or it's not! Our confidence and reassurance for the highest quality speaks through our work and strong foundational relationships.

24/7 Immediate response

On site, on time, every time. Squeeky Group staff and management are available and working 24/7 around the clock.

Scheduled services

Squeeky specialises in scheduled and one-off servicing supporting your operations behind the scenes covering all aspects of facilities.

Quality control

Known for our impeccable communication and constant reporting to upkeep the premises cleanliness, safety, and maintenance. 

We have multiple management systems in place to accurately monitor and control the servicing of your premises.