Squeeky Group is a facilities focused business rather than just a cleaning or maintenance based service provider. This extra edge on many other contract suppliers as we understand in depth the requirements to upkeep your premises outside of a sole contractor of cleaning or maintenance focus only. Our strict quality-assurance systems and efficient scheduling can provide your business with the confidence that your facility will always meet the standards you must achieve in the fast world we live.

Be assured our professional staff and management are highly trained, experienced, goal focused to achieve the best possible results and in-line build a long-term relationship as we do with all clients.

Commercial Cleaning

A Major sector to the operations of many premises and business are cleaning services. Covering all aspects to cleaning ensuring a site-specific service done properly.

Strata and retail
Carpet and floor care
Waste management
Consumables supplies
Pressure and exterior
Window cleaning
Height and access
Project handover
Hygiene services
Washroom services


Facilitating all general premises maintenance and vast specific trades to all industries. Squeeky group take pride in maintaining a building premises as a whole, our dedicated team of property maintenance specialists share great experience and take pride in maintaining grounds from the smallest strata common areas to large high-rise building sites.

General Repairs
Grounds Maintenance
Pest Controlling
Locksmith Services
Painting Services
Lawn & Gardens
Green Waste Management
Lighting Management & Upkeep
Height Repairs & Management
Graffiti Removal


Squeeky Group Security (SGS) believes the security of our client, premises, event or project is of paramount importance. We take pride in our works to create a safe and secure environment .

Static Guarding
Premises Patrolling
Licensed premises guarding
RSA Marshalling
Event Security
Retail Security
Personal Body guarding services
Carparks management & access point guards


Facilities management is an industry term that covers all the services required to up-keep an asset, building, project, or business running. For example, a facilities management business could be engaged to provide office cleaning, grounds maintenance, repairs and maintenance, window cleaning, and supply of consumables, waste services, sanitary and washroom services also. The rates for the delivery of these services are typically much cheaper than approaching a dozen different businesses. In a sense, you receive a bulk discount on services.

Advantages of using a facilities services business?

Using a single business for a suite of services will in most case give you one invoice to scrutinise, and one point of contact to engage and manage services or monitor the delivery of existing services.

Squeeky Group and SGS Corp provides a dedicated client manager, who understands and co-ordinates all the services your business requires. We guarantee competitive and lowest pricing with highest value input. We are able to achieve this through minimising idle time of our staff eg, our cleaners, handyman and security guards are employees and have zero down time and are on call 24/7.

We work in the background to allow you to focus on the important things, running your business.